Join Us for the First Session of HAL's Translocal Learning Studio on October 15!

Published on October 07, 2020

What's the Translocal Learning Studio

The Humanities Action Lab is opening a studio for developing and expanding anti-racist, decolonial, and community-centered learning practices that activate history and memory for justice-centered movements and mutual aid in the current moment. This studio will be “translocal,” a core tenet of HAL that honors the unique circumstances, autonomy, and tools of hyperlocal organizing and supports building reciprocal learning relationships between these localities across the world. 

Please join us for Session 1 - Thursday, October 15th, 1:30-3pm EST 

This session will ground our community of practice, and identify participants’ goals and interests.  It will also offer models for how participants can ground public memory projects of their own that seek to activate history and memory for justice-centered movements and mutual aid in the current moment.  Topics will include:  locating yourself and your history in relation to systemic power and histories of liberation and historical harm; bringing transformative justice approaches to public memory projects; and creating reciprocal relationships among mentors and partners for co-creation and knowledge sharing.

This session is free and open to the public: Zoom link

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