WeCount! and South Florida's Vulnerable Workers During the Pandemic

Published on June 24, 2021
by WeCount!

In late October 2020, we spoke to Claudia Navarro, the Deputy Director of WeCount! about how their organization has been dealing with the pandemic. WeCount! is a membership-based organization that views themselves as “a community union of low-wage workers in immigrant-dense industries in South Florida, including agriculture, day labor, and domestic work.” In our full-length interview, Claudia detailed how the pandemic changed who WeCount! served,  how the pandemic has further marginalized vulnerable workers, and the need to resist the race to “return to normal.” 

Seven months after our first conversation, Claudia and I discussed how with rising vaccination rates many people who are able to, are racing towards a return to “normal” and calling it quits with the pandemic. However, our most vulnerable workers continue to deal with unequal access and unnecessary barriers to healthcare in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. WeCount!’s most recent campaigns have focused on vaccine equity as well as larger campaigns like #communityID (Resolution 11A-2) that affects community members’ ability to access basic health care. Many of WeCounts! members know firsthand the barriers caused by not having access to a government ID. Watch this video by Miguel, a member and day laborer in South Dade, about the importance of community IDs:

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