Project: Ciénaga la Rinconada


The Rinconada Swamp is located in the lower basin of the Magdalena River.

Atardecer en la Ciénaga Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


The Cienaga and its surroundings house many people for whom the swamp is life.

El arte del atarraya. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


Para los habitantes del lugar la Ciénaga es la madre que les brinda la comida a través de la pesca.

El pescado y la comida. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


Depending on the time of year people fish with different tools, such as the arrow and the atarraya.

Hermis pescando con flecha y porrón. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


People know the color, temperature, water flows and fish cycles of the river by heart.

Pesca en corral. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


Living with the swamp involves knowing how it changes.

Danelia pescando con anzuelo. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo


Changes like floods, droughts, and clogging channels have modified how people live.

El tapón en la ciénaga. Courtesy of: Diana Bocarejo