Project: Essay by Daniel Song

Everyone wants a white Christmas. I have had the privilege of experiencing this many times growing up, playing outside and making snowmen and snow-angels. The snow is soft, and it quiets the surroundings. It truly is magical. In recent years, however, it has begun to snow less and less every winter. I did not experience a white Christmas the past few years. Whether you can attribute this to global warming, I am not yet sure, but that seems to be the conclusion that everyone else is drawing. I’ve always loved science classes growing up, especially my environmental science classes. That’s where I was first introduced to the ideas of climate change. I have always felt like I needed to help protect the environment, whether it was telling my roommate that he needed to recycle, save electricity, or turn off the water faucet whenever I was not using it. There are so many things we as citizens of the world can do to help with the problems that continue to grow every day, and I hope to play a greater part of that. I really seek to educate myself more on all of these subjects.

I have always been told by others that I should go out into Durham and engage with the community. Yes! But this is the first time I have done that. Being in Durham brings so many new opportunities, and I have seen a side I have not seen before. Going out into the world, rather than working on problem sets and making computer programs all day is an experience I feel is necessary. I hope our project educate people to Durham’s stories. Knowing about current events and what is going on in the world around you is the first step to any sort of action, and so that is what I think this project should accomplish. Perhaps visitors will be able to gain new understandings about the environment, and those who are already actively involved with it, and decide to dive in with engagement as well. Perhaps visitors will feel inspired to go out and form gardening clubs for themselves, clubs to include diverse types of people, or clubs to reach corners of the neighborhood that have not been reached. Gardening is an activity that almost anyone can participate in, and it would be really cool to see more people realizing this and joining in.