Project: Latinx Foodways: Student Podcasts 2021

The podcasts touch upon the services provided in La Villita Park and the challenges faced in making this space community oriented.

Courtesy of the Latino Cultural Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

The Latino Cultural Center (LCC) in collaboration with Alianza Americas and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) developed a project called Latinx Foodways: Stories and Recipes Linking Social and Environmental Justice.

Students in Dr. Cabrera’s Fall 2021 ECJ course used oral histories from community members and class discussions to address two main questions:

  • How is the relationship between environmental/climate justice with food traditions & cultural identity manifesting in the stories shared by community members? and
  • How is this relationship also linked to issues of land & food justice, im/migration, labor, health & COVID-19?

The students used ethnographic methods to collect stories in two story circles with community members from Alianza Americas/Centro San Bonifacio and a cooking demonstration session held at LVEJO/Semillas de Justicia Garden.